(You will need 3 white 260's, pieces of yellow 260's.)

Step 1:

Inflate one white 260, leaving a six-inch tail and tie off. Twist 1 one-inch bubble and 2 half-inch bubbles. Ear-twist the half-inch bubbles and arrange to form the neck.

Step 2:

Twist 9 half-inch bubbles and lock-twist at the neck. Ear-twist bubbles 2, 4, 6, and 8. Divide bubbles 4 and 6 in half and pop bubble 5. This forms the arms.

Step 3:

Twist 2 two-inch bubbles, 2 one-inch bubbles, and 1 two-inch bubble and lock-twist the second and third two-inch bubbles. This forms the legs.

Step 4:

Twist 2 half-inch bubbles and ear-twist them. Arrange them to form the waist. Pop/tear off the remaining balloon.

Step 5:

Inflate a piece of yellow 260 about one-half inch. Tie off and tie a knot next to the bubble, opposite the nozzle. Attach this between the hands, wrapping the knots several times around the divided ear-twists. Pull the arms back so the back is wedged a bit between the arms and so the Wiseman is holding the "gold" closer to his body.

Create two more Wisemen following the above steps.

Next section will tell how to twist the hair of the Wisemen.


(You will need 3 black 260's, one for each Wiseman.)

Step 1:

Inflate black 260, leaving a 6-inch tail, and tie off. Tie the nozzle into the neck of the wiseman.

Step 2:

Twist 2 two-inch bubbles and lock-twist them. Twist 1 two-inch bubble and rollover the first two bubbles over it.

Step 3:

Twist 1 half-inch bubble and ear-twist it. Divide it in half. Pop/tear off the remaining balloon.

Step 4:

Wrap the nozzle end of the body in between the divided ear-twist of the hair, pushing the head into the hair a little. This is done similar to what you did for the hair for Joseph.

Repeat for each of the other Wisemen balloons. Also, you can create other sculptures for in between the hands. The yellow between the hands represents the gold, frankincense, and myrrh that the Wisemen brought to the baby Jesus.

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