Step 1:

(You will need 3 white 260's, 3 brown or black 260's and 3 pieces of floral wire. Pipe cleaners would also work.)

Step 1:

The bodies of the shepherds are the same as the wisemen, but the arms are out to the sides instead of wedged back. The hair is also the same.

Step 2:

To make the staff of the shepherds, cut the wire to the length of the uninflated 260. Insert the wire into the 260. Blow air into the 260 so it is firm but not inflated and tie off. Bend the last 1 to 2 inches into a tight curve, forming the cane. Wedge this cane into the hands of the shepherd.

Step 3:

Add facial features to the shepherd. Make sure that you balance the shepherd with the staff. You may need to use a little double-stick tape to help you.

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