(You will need one orange 260.)

Step 1:

Inflate 260, leaving a 6-inch tail. Tie off

Step 2:

Do a two-inch hook twist, which is an apple twist but off center. Make sure the mouth points down. Twist 1 half-inch bubble and ear-twist that. Divide that ear-twist in half. This forms the head of the camel.

Step 3:

Twist 3 two-inch bubbles and lock-twist the second and third bubble to form the front legs.

Step 4:

Twist 1 one-inch bubble 3 half-inch bubbles. Lock-twist the first and third half-inch bubbles together. Ear-twist the middle half-inch bubble and divide it in half. This forms the camel's hump and seat.

Step 5:

Twist 1 one-inch bubble and 2 two-inch bubbles. Lock-twist the two-inch bubbles together to form the back legs.

Step 6:

Twist 1 one-inch bubble and ear-twist it for the tail of the camel. Tear off the remaining balloon
Again, twist as many of these camels as you need. If you have three Wisemen, then twist one camel for each one.

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