(You will need two 260's, the same color, white or flesh tone. Make sure they are the same color as the baby Jesus. Both Mary and Joseph will have the same basic balloon body. The facial features that you draw and the hairstyles will differentiate the two.)

Step 1:

Inflate 260, leaving a 6-inch tail and tie off.

Step 2:

Twist 3 one-inch bubbles. Ear-twist the 2nd and 3rd bubble and arrange them to form the neck.

Step 3:

Twist 2 three-inch bubbles and lock-twist together. Twist another three-inch bubble and do a rollover twist with the other two.

Step 4:

Twist 1 two-inch bubble, 2 one-inch bubbles, and 1 two-inch bubble. Lock-twist the two-inch bubbles together.

Step 5:

Twist 2 half-inch bubbles and ear-twist them. Arrange them on either side of the waist of the figure. Pop/tear off the remaining balloon.

This is the body of Mary and Joseph. The next section will describe how to put hair on Mary and facial features on both.


(For the hair, you will need 2 black 260's. The hairstyle and the facial features will differentiate the two.)

Mary's Hair

Step 1:

Inflate one 260, leaving a six-inch tail and tie off. Tie the nozzles of body balloon and hair balloon together.

Step 2:

Twist 10 half-inch bubbles and lock-twist them at the nozzles. Lock-twist bubbles 4-7. Then lock-twist that at the neck.

Step 3:

Twist 1 one-inch bubble. Ear-twist it and divide it in half. Pop/tear off the remaining balloon.

Joseph's Hair

Step 1:

Inflate remaining 260, leaving a six-inch tail, and tie into neck of body balloon. Twist 6 half-inch bubbles and lock- twist together.

Step 2:

Twist 3 half-inch bubbles and rollover the first six half-inch bubbles over these.

Step 3:

Twist 1 half-inch bubble. Ear-twist it and divide it in half. Wrap the nozzle end of the body balloon through this divided ear-twist several times and push the head in the black balloon bubbles. Pop/tear off remaining black balloon.

Make appropriate markings on Mary and Joseph.

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