(You will need one 260. Light blue or orange works well here. Again, the number of balloons you actually need depends on the number of cows you want to put in your scene.)

Step 1:

Inflate 260, leaving a six-inch tail and tie off.

Step 2:

Twist a half-inch apple-twist and divide that in half. This forms the lips of the cow. Twist 1 one-inch bubble and 2 half-inch bubbles. Ear-twist the half-inch bubbles. Arrange them side-by-side to form the ears of the cow.

Step 3:

Twist 3 two-inch bubbles and lock-twist the second and third bubbles to form the front legs.

Step 4:

Twist 3 three-inch bubbles and lock-twist the second and third bubble together. Rollover-twist those two over the first three-inch bubble to form the body.

Step 5:

Twist 2 two-inch bubbles and lock-twist together to form the back legs. Twist 1 half-inch bubble and ear-twist it. Arrange this bubble under the body and legs. This is the udder of the cow.

Step 6:

Twist 1 one-inch bubble and deflate the remaining balloon. Tie off next to the bubble but don't tear off the remaining balloon. Let it hang like a cow's tail.
I think the cows were there to provide "moosic" for them all to listen to.

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