(You will need 1 white 260, or a flesh tone color. Make sure the color you choose is the same as the ones you choose for Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, and the Wisemen.)

Step 1:

Inflate 260, leaving a 6-inch tail and tie off.

Step 2:

Twist 6 one-inch bubbles and lock-twist the 2nd and the 6th bubbles together.

Step 3:

Ear-twist the 2nd and the 4th bubbles of this five-bubble assembly. Divide those ear-twists in half and pop the middle bubble between them. Position the arms so they stick out to the sides. This forms the head and the arms of the baby Jesus.

Step 4:

Twist 1 two-inch bubble, and 2 half-inch bubbles. Ear-twist the half-inch bubbles and position them side-by-side to form the feet of the baby Jesus. Pop/tear off the remaining balloon. It is important that you make the baby Jesus smaller so he will fit in the manger that you will build later.

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