(You will need one brown 260.)
Mary rode a donkey into Bethlehem

Step 1:

Inflate one brown 260, leaving a 6-inch tail. Twist 1 half-inch bubble and ear-twist it. Divide the ear-twist in half. This forms the nose.

Step 2:

Twist 1 two-inch bubble, 1 one-inch bubble. Ear-twist the one-inch bubble and divide it in half. Twist 2 four-inch bubbles and lock-twist them together. You have completed the head.

Step 3:

Twist 3 three-inch bubbles and lock-twist the second and third bubble together. This forms the front legs.

Step 4:

Twist 1 two-inch bubble and 2 three-inch bubbles. Lock-twist the three-inch bubbles together. This forms the back legs.

Step 5:

Twist 1 one-inch bubble and deflate the remaining balloon. Tie off next to the one-inch bubble but do not tear off the remaining balloon. Allow it to hang like a donkey tail.

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