Bells, Santas, decorated houses and trees permeate the Christmas season. People hustle and bustle preparing for parties and celebrations. Stores start their buy-gifts promotional blitz in early October. Frequently forgotten in all the busy-ness of the seasons is the ultimate gift of all, God's gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

This balloon sculpted nativity I originally developed for a series of articles for Laugh Makers Magazine in 1992. This edition has more detail with new drawings and directions. It is for all you balloonatics out there who want something a little more challenging.

Use this elaborate balloon display for your appropriate Christmas events. You might want to set one up for your church or use it with children in church as you tell the Nativity story. You could use some of the individual sculptures as your balloon give-always during the Christmas season. For example, make a camel for a child and mention that it's like the camels that took the Wisemen to Bethlehem.

How about using these directions as guidelines to create something really huge and adapting them to 360's? Use the imagination and creativity that God gave you and the sky is the limit. Have fun and God bless.

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