Make a Balloon Animal

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Cartoon Faces

A few years ago I became interested in sculpting not only the bodies, but also the faces of balloon figures. My primary inspiration was the work of Royal and Patty Sorell, professional balloon artists in Massachusetts.
Here's a sample of Sorells' work that will give you an idea of the possibilities in balloon cartoons.

This month's models show a few things I have picked up along the way from a variety of sources.
The basic face begins with a 1-inch pinch twist followed by three 3-4 inch loop twists.

The pinch twist becomes the nose and the loop twists become the chin and cheeks.
Next, make two 3-4 inch bubbles and lock twist them together. this forms the upper half of the face. Eyes drawn on with a permanent marker will add a lot to the character of your figure. This basic face is only the foundation for more elaborate figures.
Ears should be made between the two bubbles that make the top of the face. For cat ears, make two small pinch twists after the first 3-inch face bubble. After the ears, make the second 3-inch bubble and do the lock twist.
For a rabbit, the ears could be two pairs of 6-inch bubbles locked together.
You may want to modify the nose by adding a small 3-bubble roll-through before creating the cheeks and chin. Of course, all these enhancements use up more of the balloon, and you may need to start with a second balloon at some point. If so, you can use a contrasting color to give even more character to your figure.
In this example the eyes and cheeks are made from a white balloon. The eyes need to be very soft to hold their position under the forehead.
For another example of a multi-balloon face, see the tiger that I posted about a year ago.

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