Make a Balloon Animal


The wonderful thing about Tiggers is--
Tiggers are Wonderful things.
Their tops are made of rubber,
Their tails are made of springs.

There's lots of balloon photos on Balloon HQ (see link below), and in trying to make some of the faces I came up with one that reminded me of Tigger. So, with a few refinements, here's how he turned out. This one is more complex than Last Month's Sculpture but well worth the effort involved.
Tigger needs three orange balloons and one white one (260's). Inflate one orange and one white leaving 4 inches uninflated in each.

Begin with a soft 1.5'' bubble in the orange balloon and ear twist the nozzle to the base. This is his nose.
Twist a 2-inch bubble in the white balloon and lock it to the base of the nose. Make another 2-inch white and a soft 1 1/2-inch orange. Twist the orange and 2 white bubbles to make his muzzle.
For the top of his head make a 2", 1 1/2", 3",1 1/2" and 2" in the orange balloon. Lock the last 2" to the first one and ear twist the 1 1/2" bubbles for ears. For the eyes make two very soft 2" white bubbles above the muzzle and lock the second one to the muzzle. Tuck the tops through the opening at the front of the face.
Make a 1" white bubble to separate the jaw from the muzzle. Next, a 1 1/2" bubble ear twisted, followed by a 6" wrapped around it. The head is now complete.
You should have about 20" left on each balloon. Make a 1 1/2" orange bubble followed by an ear twist. Make a 1" white bubble followed by another twist half way to the end.
Hold the white and orange balloons parallel and twist them together between the 2 long white bubbles. Lock the long white bubbles together to make his tummy. The orange balloon is now his backbone and one leg. Fully inflate an orange 260 and then let it deflate to soften the rubber. Wind the deflated balloon around your finger and re-inflate it, making a spiral shape.
This makes a springy tail and the other leg. Inflate the last orange 260 and let out a little air to soften it. Find the exact middle, make a twist, and attach to the hips. Bring up both ends to fill out the body and twist together just below the neck between the tummy and the backbone. The rest of the balloon becomes the arms. Add eyes and whiskers with a dry erase marker.







Yes, the wallpaper is a stereogram!