Make a Balloon Animal

I love this frog!

I found a photo of this frog on Balloon HQ (follow the link below). It was submitted by G. David Graves, and after seeing it I had to add it to my menagerie. The drawings below show how I make it (Graves' method may be a little different).

First inflate a 260 ballon about 1/3 of the way and tie it off.

Begin with a soft 1.5'' bubble, followed by 2'', 1.5'', 1.5'', 2''. Twist joints 1 & 5 together.
Pull the knot over joint 3 and stretch the nozzle down the back and secure to joint 1. This completes the head.
Now finish the figure with 2'' front legs, a short body and long hind legs folded back on themselves in a Loop Twist.
Leave just enough of a 'tail' to tie off the back end and wrap up any remaining uninflated end in the last joint.

Eye and mouth details may be added with a dry erase marker.







Yes, the wallpaper is a stereogram!