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Kissing Poodles

I was asking for sculpture idaes awhile ago and got an e-mail from Charlie Sherod suggesting 'Kissing Poodles', a design he had developed as an easier alternative to the 'Two Bears Kissing' in Fred Harshbarger's book Two Bears, One Balloon. Charlie didn't send directions, so here's my version of Charlie Sherod's idea.

Inflate a 260 balloon about 9 inches and tie it off.You will need every bit of that long tail because this sculpture uses 30 (count 'em) 1-inch bubbles. Twist 5 bubbles and loop twist the first twist to the last one. This forms the tail, hind legs and hind feet of poodle 1.

Next twist 9 bubbles, and twist lock the first new twist to the last. Bubble number 6 is the body of poodle 1, and bubbles 7 thru 14 will become the four forelegs and feet of the two poodles.

Twist a bubble for the neck(#15), followed by a 3-bubble loop for the head (#'s 16 - 18) and one more for the nose.

Now begin on the second poodle. You need 1 bubble for the nose, a 3-bubble loop for the head, and 1 bubble for the neck. Push the remainder of the balloon through the 8-bubble loop you made earlier.

Looking at the bottom of the sculpture, arrange the remainder of the balloon so that there are 4 bubbles of the loop on each side of it. Twist the two pairs of bubbles nearest the remainder (shown in a darker color in the drawing) as a unit to secure the last twist in place and to keep the feet bubbles together. All that remains is to finish the second poodle to match the first - 1 bubble body, 4-bubble loop for legs and feet with the final bubble forming the tail.

It will probably take several tries to get just the right amount of air and the right size bubbles. While practicing, use a purple ballon, and if it doesn't come out quite right, you can always use it for a bunch of grapes!

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