Make a Balloon Animal

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June Bug?

I was trying to make some locomotive wheels awhile ago and accidently came up with a pair of eyes. I added a big nose, and suddenly a praying mantis figure was staring back at me. So here it is. Now if I can only come up with a good locomotive . . . .

The mantis requires four balloons of the same color. Inflate one balloon leaving about a 3 inch uninflated tail. Twist a 1 inch bubble, a 2.5 inch and a 5 inch.

Pinch twist the 2.5 inch and loop twist the 5 inch. Tuck the pinch twist inside the loop twist and you have one eye.

Repeat the pinch twist and loop twist to make the other eye and add a 6 inch loop twist for the nose and jaw.

Move the tail end of the balloon and the original 1 inch bubble to the back, forming the back of the head and the neck. Twist about a 3 inch neck, leaving about 12 inches for a front leg. Inflate the remaining 3 balloons leaving about a 2 inch tail. In one of them twist another front leg matching the original.

Make two 1-inch pinch twists in each of the legs to form the elbow and wrist joints. Arrange them in the typical 'praying' position characteristic of the mantis. Make a 1-inch pinch twist immetiately behind the front legs to position the thorax. The thorax is just a 6-inch bubble. The remainder of the balloon becomes a center leg. Take the third balloon and make a matching leg as you did for the front legs. Twist a 1-inch bubble in the far end of the third balloon and lock it to the joint where the center legs come together. The long loop twist between forms the abdomen.

Take the fourth balloon and squeeze the air all the way to the end to soften it. Twist the abdomen about 3 inches behind the center legs and attach the center of the fourth balloon at that point. Make 1-inch pinch twist joints in the two sections of the fourth balloon to make the rear legs.

Of course the mantis isn't really praying, but its characteristic position is reminiscent of the formal position for prayer. The apostle Paul admonished his readers to 'pray without ceasing'. If we keep our hearts in an attitude of prayer it will greatly strengthen our walk with the Lord. Click Here for more information about walking with God.

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