Make a Balloon Animal

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I learned this design from Larry Flippo, a fellow magician and balloon sculptor in Des Moines, Iowa. I selected it to show one use for the Pinch-pop series that can be used to enhance a sculpture.

Inflate the balloon to about 18-20 inches. Twist a 1.5 inch bubble followed by a 5-6 inch bubble. Make a loop twist in the larger bubble and tuck the smaller one inside the loop. This makes the rear tire (with a valve stem!).

Make a 2-3 inch loop twist for the luggage rack/seat back and a 3-inch bubble for the body.

Next make a 5-bubble loop of 1-5 inch bubbles for the handlebars.

Make a Pinch-pop series from the three middle bubbles to separate the handlebars.

Next, comes a small pinch twist for the headlight and a larger pinch twist for the gas tank.

The rest of the balloon will be the front fork and tire. The front fork is a single bubble, made to a length that will leave about 6-7 inches for the front tire.

The front tire will be a loop twist with a 1.5-inch bubble tucked into the loop, similar to the rear tire.

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