Make a Balloon Animal

Multiple Choice

This month's figure is a relatively easy one that incorporates a few novelties that make it interesting. I call this multiple choice because it can end up as a variety of different figures - A Teddy Bear, A Koala, A Pig or.... well, use your own imagination! Begin by inflating a 260 balloon about 3/4 of the way and tie it off.

Begin with an apple twist.
Twist the following bubbles in order - 2", 3",1 1/2",3", 1 1/2", 3". Connect the last twist to the one between the 2" and the 3"making a 5-bubble loop.
Push the apple twist throughthe loop, and then ear twist the two 1 1/2" bubbles. This gives you two choices for the face. With the apple twist in front you can have a pig or a teddy bear. Turn the head around and the 2" bubble makes a koala nose.
Instead of the usual animal body(neck, 2 legs, body, 2 legs, tail) I like to finish this fellow using a technique taught me by Mudhen the clown, another balloon twister in Boone. Make a 1 1/2" neck and about a 5" body. Divide the rest of the balloon into four equal bubbles (4-5" each) and a round tail at the tip. Twist the end of the second bubble around the base of the neck to form a rear and front leg on one side. Bring the tail down to . . . um . . . the place the tail belongs, and you're ready to add features with a dry erase felt tip pen if you desire. With this design your teddy bear/koala/pig can either sit up on a table or slip over the wrist of a happy child.







Yes, the wallpaper is a stereogram!