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Tates Compass Arrows change direction. God's way is the right way.
Restoration Cut & restored rope. God can solve our "knotty" problems.
Presto Change-o Chemical color changes. Plan of salvation, similar to "Wordless Book".
Cross Trick
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Chemical color change, available for purchase from Hiz Kidz Ministries. Plan of salvation.
Loop the Loop Paper loops link themselves. Jesus provides the way to reconcile us to God.
Vanishing Coin Coin disappears. Money is not true security.
Magic Motion Coin rearranging challenge. God can defeat our problems.
Rabbit from a Hat Origami rabbit. Only God is the true creator.
Good News Newspaper tear produces a star and a string of angels. Christmas story.
Breaking the Laws Rearranging puzzle pieces changes their apparent size. You can't get something for nothing.
Under Control Pepper floating in a dish is magically controlled. God can control our circumstances if we let Him.
Illusion or Reality? Optical illusion makes circles look like spirals. Even "good" people need to be saved.
Taller or Wider? Optical illusion makes objects appear taller than they really are. We all fall short and need god's forgiveness.
You Can't Surprise God. Numbers selected by a volunteer appear to add up wrong, but the magician's prediction still proves correct. When things go wrong, God is still in control.
Set Free Two straws are twisted and intertwined, then separate. God can set us free from habits that trap us.
Dots Challenge to connect dots with minimum number of lines. God allows us to see beyond the obvious.
Dots - Part 2 Additional solutions. God's ability goes FAR beyond our human efforts.
Chosen Magician predicts selected alphabet card. God has chosen us to follow Him.
What Makes You Happy? Face on dollar bill smiles and frowns. Happiness depends on more than material things.
Trinity - 3 or 1? Volunteer follows magician's example tying 3 ropes but with a different result. Nature of the Trinity.
Wisdom of God's Word Magician discovers book selected by volunteer. The Bible gives us wisdom for our lives.
Inside/Outside One boiled egg is selected from a dozen raw ones. God knows our heart.
Set Free Two volunteers are tied together and then escape. We can be set free from the power of sin.
Turned Around Arrow changes direction. We can choose between eternal life or eternal death.
Through the Door Spectator passes through door of a Jesus dollar. Jesus is the door to heaven. All things are possible with God.
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