Make a Balloon Sculpture

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Starla, the Sea Star

from S.C.U.B.A. VBS

The instructions below don't match the photos. They are an improved version of the arms. I will leave you to do your own design on the head/face.

The head is one orange 260. Eyes and mouth are made from 160's. The body is made from 5 260's. The four arms are all made the same, but the fifth balloon just has a collar to receive the neck of the head balloon.

Dress is 2 260's, starting at the skirt and working up. My next attempt will try to eliminate the gap above the skirt.

Making the Starfish

Inflate 5 balloons about half way and tie all the knots together. Make a pinch twist in one of them to cover the knots. In two adjacent balloons, twist a bubble of about 3 1/2 inches. In one of these, make a 4-inch bubble and connect it to the 3 1/2-inch bubble of the other balloon, making a little triangle. Continue all the way around until you have all 5 balloons connected as in the next drawing.
For the last balloon, you will need to pass the long end of the balloon through the little triangle in the first balloon. You are now ready to make the first leg.
Twist three 1.5-inch bubbles, followed by a loop twist. Next make a small pinch twist to keep the loop twist fron coming undone. This can be either tucked into the loop twist as shown in the next drawing, or left hidden behind the loop twist.
Make a 1.5-inch bubble(#6) followed by two 2-inch bubbles (#7 & 8). Lock the twist between 7 & 8 to the twist between 2 & 3.
Now you will need to lock the other ends of 7 & 8 together. Do this by rolling bubble 8 through the triangle formed by 3, 6, and 7.
Make another 1.5 inch bubble(#9) followed by 2 3-inch bubbles(#10 & 11). Attach them to the first side of the leg in the same way you did #7 & 8.
Make another 1.5-inch bubble and twist this to the body at the base of the next balloon. Continue with the other balloons to make all 5 legs. Make a pinch twist(#13) on each leg to cover the connecting point. If you have any leftover balloon you can deflate it and tie it off.