Make a Balloon Sculpture

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Bug Safari #6
Domino the Ladybug

Our Vacation Bible School theme for 2002 is "Bug Safari - where kids catch the buzz about God's love." (Group Publications) Domino is the mascot for preschoolers on the Bug Safari. This friendly little bug shares the joy of knowing Jesus.

This sculpture uses a 3 red 260 balloons and one orange 260 balloon, plus a white scrap for the eyes.
Inflate the white scrap to about 4 inches and tie it off. Twist it into two equal bubbles and then tie the opposite ends together.
Now twist the two bubbles in opposite directions, effectively making both of them a pinch twist. Save these for the eyes.

Inflate each red balloon leaving 2 inches uninflated at each end. You can keep the nozzle end from inflating by holding your hand around it as you inflate. Make a twist right in the middle of the balloon.

Attach all three balloons together at the center twist. Make a 1-inch bubble in one balloon and pinch twist it to help keep the shape. You may also want to make another pinch twist on the other side. This will give you six spokes radiating from a central hub. The first twist in each spoke will be a 4 inch bubble. Make them as uniform as possible.

The second twist in each spoke will be a three-inch bubble. Attach it to the 4-inch bubble next to it, and work your way around, back to the starting point. This creates a small dome which completes the top (center) of the body.

Next, make the lower part of the body using the same procedure, except that the first bubble will be a 2-inch, and the second bubble will be about 5 inches. You should have just enough balloon left at each point for a 2-3 inch leg.

Inflate the orange balloon about 20 inches. The exact amount doesn't matter because you are only going to use part of the balloon. Make a 1.5-inch bubble, followed by two 5-inch bubbles, and then two 2.5-inch bubbles. Treat the two 2.5 inch bubbles like a single bubble and make a 3-bubble roll through with the 5-inch bubbles. Make another 1.5-inch bubble and then tie off the balloon and discard the remainder. Use the small bubbles on each end to attach this between two of the legs to make the face. Arrange it with the 2.5-inch bubbles on top and attach the eyes between them. Use a dark marker to add eye and mouth details.



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