Make a Balloon Animal

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Motorcycle Monkey

I received an email from Andrey Dikhtyarenko in Russia asking if I knew how to do a one-balloon monkey on a motorcycle. He had seen it done and wanted to learn how he could do it. My version here is the simplest version. Use this to begin, and then try adding more details of your own.

Inflate a browm 260 leaving about 6 inches uninflated. The monkey face is based on a design by Ralph Dewey.
Make a 1-inch bubble, followed by a 1/2-inch, 1.5-inch, 2-inch, 1-inch and 2-inch bubbles. Lock twist the last 3 into a three bubble loop and push the first bubble through the loop. Twist the nozzle to the point where the loop comes together. This completes the head, with the little 1/2-inch bubble being the nose.
Make a 3/4-inch neck and lock twist two 2.5-inch bubbles together for arms. A 3-inch body completes the monkey part of the sculpture.
Make a loop twist out of a bubble about 6 inches long for the rear tire, followed by a 3-inch bubble for the motorcycle body. Make a front tire to match the rear tire and you should have about 3 inches left at the end of the balloon.
Make a 1-inch bubble at the end of the balloon and push it between the arms. If this last bubble is soft enough, you can twist it in two to make a headlight in the front.


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