Make a Balloon Animal

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Christmas Star

Our church is doing a musical called "The Color of Christmas" and I wanted to illustrate it with balloons.  The color Gold represents the royalty of Jesus, and since the Wise Men brought gifts of gold, I thought a gold colored star would be appropriate.

I used three BSA brand metalic gold 260's.  These balloons have a very heavy wall and require a lot of pressure to inflate.   Inflate all three balloons fully, but before tying, release enough air to relieve the heavy pressure.  Stop releasing the pressure just before the nipple end starts to deflate.  The balloon should now be 3 to 3 1/2 feet long and a little on the soft side.

Take the First balloon and make a twist in the exact middle. then divide each of the halves into three equal segments. They should be about 6 inches long.  Lock twist each pair of segments together so that you have three pairs of double segments connected at one end. (The knot and the nipple end will be twisted into the connecting point.) These will become three of the diagonal rays of the star.

Take the second balloon and twist a 9-inch bubble, followed by two bubbles the same size as those in the first balloon.  Lock these two together and twist this joint onto the connecting point of the first balloon.
Take the third balloon and again make a 9-inch bubble, and attach this twist to the same connecting point.
Arrange so that the four double bubbles are at a right angle to each other with a single bubble between them.  The 9-inch bubbles should be opposite each other.  Finally, make a 2-3 inch bubble at the connecting point of one of the vertical rays and  Loop twist it to make a cover for the central connecting point.


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