Make a Balloon Animal

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Battery Bunny

Eric Reimer has a terrific Gospel presentation using colored bunnies. I liked it so much I purchased the script and adapted it to do with balloon bunnies. Of course, after using blue, red, green, yellow, purple, and orange bunnies, I couldn't resist adding a pink one with the message that God's love keeps on going and going and.....

Anyhow, here's my rendition of a battery-powered bunny that just won't quit.

Inflate a pink 260 leaving about a 6-inch tail. Twist 3 soft 1-1.5 inch bubbles and make them into a bird body. This is the nose/muzzle.

Next make a 2-inch,4-inch, 4-inch. Twist the two 4-inchers together to make the ears. Follow this with a pinch twist at the base of the ears. This holds the ears together and keeps them upright. Now another 2-inch goes next to the first one, twisted together. The two 2-inchers form the two sides of the upper face.

Finish the body with a neck, 3-4 inch arms, a body, legs and a 1.5 inch tail. Arrange the bunny in an upright sitting position.

This is the basic bunny that I used for the other colors. All that's needed now is to add the drum.

Inflate a white balloon about 6 inches and tie it off. Thread the uninflated end between the arms and tie the knot as close to the other end of the bubble as possible. Cut off the extra balloon and hide the knot between the arms.

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