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Palm Tree

February in Iowa is the snowiest month of the year, so I've been trying to 'think warm' this past month. I got an e-mail from a friend in the Philippines saying it was even chilly there - 78 degrees. Well, spring is almost here, and in the meantime I've come up with a 5-balloon palm tree to remind be of warmer times and places. Here it is:

Take a green 260 and inflate it all the way, then let out a little air to soften it. When you tie it off, tie it to the nipple end as well, making a large circle.

Flatten the circle by bringing the point opposite the knot across to the knot (see drawing).

Twist one of the two parallel sections so that there are twists at each end. Then twist them together at the knot.

Repeat this with two more green balloons.

Twist all three green balloons together at the middles and you have the top of your palm tree.

Inflate two brown or black 260's leaving about 1" uninflated.

Tie the knots together and twist that point into the top. Take the free ends of the brown balloons and twist them in opposite directions. This will cause them to spiral around each other.

When you have about 12 inches left at the bottom of the trunk, twist both balloons together and make about a 4" loop twist in each balloon. Arrange the loop twists and the remaining 4" bubble to form the base of the tree.
The palm tree is a reminder of an event that we celebrate this month - Palm Sunday. On that day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey amid the cheers of an excited throng. They waved palm leaves and called out "Hosannah", meaning "Lord save us". Their belief was that Jesus would rally the nation of Israel against the power of Rome and set them free. Later in the week many of the same people were crying out "Crucify Him!" and "If you let this man go, you are no friend of Caesar." When Jesus didn't fit their expectations they turned on Him with a vengeance.
If you're disappointed in Jesus, maybe it's because you have been following a mistaken idea of who He really is. Take a fresh look at the first-hand accounts of Jesus in the Bible, and get to know Him in a personal way. For more information Click Here.




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