Make a Balloon Animal

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The instructions for this wild cat were originally posted by Andy Oppenheim, a professional clown and balloon sculptor who lives in Florida. He has given me his permission to post it here.
Done in Yellow, this makes a good lion cub. Orange would make a tiger, and a panther could be made from black (or pink?).

Inflate a 260 leaving 8" uninflated.

Twist a 1" bubble a 1.5" bubble a 1" bubble and a 1/2" bubble and lock the 1" to the 1/2".

Make a 1.5" bubble a 1" bubble and a 1/2" bubble and lock the last twist to the joint in step 2.

Twist a 1" bubble and tie the knot to the lower end of the twist. (If you want to add a button nose, make a 1/2" bubble [bubble 9] here and give it a pinch twist. -PW) Twist a 1" bubble and move it so the twist you made goes between the 1/2" bubbles. Arrange the three 1" bubbles so you have 2 on top and one on the bottom. (See enlargement of face.) Make an ear twist in each of the 1" bubbles (bubbles 3 and 6) next to the 1/2 inchers to make ears.

Make a 1 1/2" neck a pair of 3" legs and a 4" middle and a last set of 3" legs.
Draw eyes if you wish and arch the back and tail for a scary effect.

Magic Max, a full-time clown in Atlanta, Georgia gives the following suggestion to enhance this design:

I love the wildcat design; it is excellent. I have a little addition for you to consider to turn it into a lion by adding a simple mane. Make 6 1" bubbles and break the chain off and tie the end. Then you just attach the chain to the head of the cat by tying one end around the neck. Twist the third bubble around the closest ear and do the same with the fifth bubble around the other ear and attach the other end around the neck as well. Therefore there are two bubbles on top between the ears, and two bubbles on each side of the face. It makes a really cute lion. Thanks for your page. I use many of your designs. Keep up all your good work.

Magic Max the clown

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